What is ycmedia?

ycmedia is a media platform for youth in your community. We are here to amplify the voice of youth, to give them the professional platform to be heard by their peers, the educators in their schools, and the adults in their communities. Our goal is to give youth the tools they need to continue peer mentorship. We collaborate with youth to build a story with art or film around what matters to them in their schools and communities.

This website is a resource for educators, youth, and community workers who want to use media in their conversations with youth.

Why ycmedia?

Youth are bombarded with a negative media presence that’s constantly telling them how to think and behave. ycmedia is our chance to hear what the youth in our communities want and need us to know, giving us the opportunity to provide them with what they need, not just to survive, but to thrive in their communities. ycmedia is a platform that works closely with youth in your schools and communities to create art and film with their ideas and stories.

ycmedia encourages youth to see the value in their own ideas and shows youth what they can create with those ideas.

Who is ycmedia for?

You: Educators, teachers, community workers, students, youth, and peers.

Who is ycmedia?

ycmedia consists of founder Jason Gondziola and a rotating team of artists and specialists. Jason began his work with youth in schools and communities in Montreal, and now focuses his efforts in building bridges between youth and communities all across Alberta. Jason is a producer, cinematographer, and youth media educator.

How does ycmedia work?

Curios about how we work or hosting a residency? See our services page.