A resource for educators and community workers

Welcome to ycmedia, resource for youth, educators and community workers.

What is this and who are you?

My name is Jason Gondziola and I’m a filmmaker. Ever since I started in Montreal’s film industry, I’ve always made time for community and youth-led productions. I started CUTV‘s Summer Video Bootcamp, an inner-city film camp that worked with high-school aged kids from all areas of the city. Accessibility was key, so we ran the camp as a sliding scale. Kids from low-income families were subsidized by the kids from the wealthier suburbs. The program was a great success and ran for five years until my departure in 2009.

Since then, I’ve worked with school, community groups, and reservations to create meaningful content with their youth. I’ve presented at numerous conferences and there seemed to be a real hunger for this kind of content, so I’ve packaged it here for public use. I’m also going to keep the site alive with learning resources for educators and community members who want to use media in their practices.

What next?

Stay tuned here. Follow me on twitter. Check back often. This site is going to grow as I continue to do the work I do. I hope you can join us.


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