ycmedia works with schools, youth centres, and community centres all year round. Please contact us to set up a residency or professional development consultation.

Artist Residencies

Jason Gondziola, creator of ycmedia, works with schools and community groups to help youth to tell stories through film. He is occasionally joined by other artists, including musicians, graphic designers and art therapists, depending on the needs of the residency. Residencies can last anywhere from a day to several months, depending on the intensity and purpose of the project.

Residencies also give youth a chance to learn how filmmaking works and to be involved in the production cycle, from conception to completion. Our longer residencies are focused on skill-building with natural learners in the classroom or community environment, giving youth the tools they need to continue mentoring their peers long after the residency ends.

Community Cinema Production

Community-based storytelling is a powerful way for communities to stimulate thought and conversation around issues that are important to them. We have worked with communities and reservations to create meaningful interventions through story.

Professional Development

Looking to improve the quality of your students work? Wondering how to bring art and film into a classroom or community setting? Do you have some basic production skills and want to bring your work to the next level? ycmedia offers professional development in these domains and more.

ycmedia founder Jason Gondziola has created educational consulting and curriculum design programs for schools, districts, and educators. He teaches them to create a stand-alone digital cinema curriculum, or to integrate production techniques into cross-curricular projects.